Litelok Go – Flexi-U Bike Lock

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Weighingin at just 750g (nearly 50% less than many other Sold Secure Silver locks), it is compact and can be mounted for longer rides. More than being super lightweight, it’s also highly flexible being able to quickly wrap around lamp posts and other secure places. That’s what makes this the best café stop bike lock on the market.

Winner of the prestigious iF Design Award 2021

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LITELOK GO Flexi-U is our super lightweight and secure café bike lock, offers maximum locking flexibility and greater reach around fixed objects. It is a compact and up to 50% of the weight of a traditional D or U lock.

Ideal for bicycles, it is easy to carry whilst on the go, and provides the lightest, insurance rated flexible security. Flexi-U is the best café bike lock, perfect for worry-free coffee breaks and short stops as well as longer stays in low risk areas.

* Insurance rated café lock

* Independently accredited: Sold Secure Bicycle Silver and ART 2

* Size: 70cm

* Can be mounted on your bicycle with LITELOK wrapstraps (included)



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