Corki Lightweight Bicycle Water Bottle Cage


Easy to attach and securely hold your bidon in stylish fashion.

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The important thing a water bottle cage needs to be is secure so your water bottle doesn’t fall out.  Corki Cycles designed the bottle cage using a side entry mechanism. With most bottle cages they are attached centrally and over bumps your bottle falls out. Using a side entry water bottle holder, loss of the bottle is greatly reduced.  Usable for all types of bikes. Holds almost any water bottle up to 1000ml/33 fl oz.  It is made with polycarbonate and durable, while still being stronger than plastic, and ultralight.  The Corki Cycles water bottle cage can be attached straight out of the packaging, coming with an Allen key and bolts for immediate fitting. The bottle cage is universally suitable to install on all bikes, while still protecting your frame.  NOTE: Even though this item is not recycled or recyclable, we are REUSING this product (sort of) as it has never been used and it will last a long time before you need to dispose of it.

Amazon sells a similar item for £6.99.


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